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It starts at childhood;
Every thought, every trance,
Every imaginary character that you make up
Can stick to you and eternally dance.
All you have to do is take their hand
And squeeze it tight,
Because sometimes nobody else will
As you sleep at night.
The imagination is a powerful thing;
With thoughts so wide and long
It simply becomes a reality.
Fortunately, if you forget the song
The other side will not,
And will hum and laugh and smile;
Taking your hands and spinning quick,
Forcing you out of your self imposed exile.
Age forces change;
As maturity catches up, many lose grip,
And feel lost in the world as it goes dim
As imagination and reality just trip,
And break.
Imagination is something that should stick
But you get forced to "grow up"
Which will do nothing but make you sick.
People will force you to change;
To become something new
And away from the old,
Though while all you did was grew
With those same friends as you had before.
They grew with you and they smile,
Taking your hand
:iconsaekhor:Saekhor 2 3
You're made out of stuff
And you're made out of things
You're made out of hopes
And primarily dreams
Dreams appear when we sleep
And carve up our reality
The sky turns black, the stars go out
And we can do nothing but evaluate
Numbers become words and hiss at air
Flesh becomes water and then becomes skin
Eyes blink out fire before disintegrating to sand
While nails sharpen and crack into glass
There are always those who are willing to help you
Always there, regardless of distance, time or space
Constant little voices in the back of your head
Who don't actually want you dead
Numbers become words and hiss at air
Flesh becomes water and then becomes skin
Accept the fact that your tongue will harden and crack
Believe in yourself while screaming for help
Remember the keys for those locked doors
Turn the keys and hold on tight
For whatever is behind the door is in for a fright
Of what is left of all of your might
Numbers become words and hiss at air
Flesh becomes water and then becomes skin
:iconsaekhor:Saekhor 4 0
This Side Of My Skin
On the outside
Of my skin
Is unmarked flesh
Smooth skin and
Clean hair
With open eyes
And constant smiles
Who would ever know
What happens at night
When the head hits the pillow
And the lights go out
Candles relight
And doors unlock
Windows shatter
Bricks reform
And the sound of furniture
Screams across broken floors
Such a life
Morning hits
And all is well
Awakening from it
Is the best thing
And when the light
Of the day hits home
Gotta remember
Smile for them all
Just gotta smile for them all
Open all the doors
Once more and again
Give me the memories
That I had to lock to forget
Give me the pressure
And the stress
And the reliability
And relief
That waking up can never give
People think
That unmarked skin
Heralds normality
All it does is defend
The insanity
The soul inside that erodes
Singes and burns
Is truly cracked now
But all is not lost
Nothing is bad or sad
For we are all different
And insane
No-one is normal
No-one is sane
Everyone has their little conditions
One day
:iconsaekhor:Saekhor 2 0
Turning Keys
Each step leads anew,
With less true meanings than can be true
And with each stab into the wilderness we go
We will never connect, we will never show.
Each door has a key,
Dangling from the chain that hangs free
While each step we both take
Now aims to be opening more doors which are fake.
Each laugh has screams,
Echoing throughout through doors it seems;
Though we cannot make sure anymore
It seems to be echoing more and more from that door.
Each blink has a tear,
Each of our eyes unable to see fear.
As if our mind was already under constant regret
While all we try to do is shut the doors and forget.
Each heart has a beat,
A constant reminder that we shall accomplish that feat
To force a life into more than just a memory, a thought,
And kindling aspiration to the point of nought.
Each claw has blood,
Pulled from within our very hood
Which covers our head now, only lower jaw show
Shivering, quivering, hiding low.
Each song has an end,
It's music doesn't follow us around the bend.
:iconsaekhor:Saekhor 1 0
It's been a while
Oh, so very long ago
When the doors were closed completely
And are opened once more
Oh, how they slam open
How the walls beside them crack
And how the geist within screams
And claws, and attacks.
With black eyes now turning red
Three orbs on either side of the head
With horns spurting out in beautiful display
And needle teeth as thin as hay
Oh, how it claws forth and crawls
Like a coming storm with no real motive
Apart from to dream beside us, and breathe
Moving is the scattered insanity made from me.
The corridors alternate and eradicate
Moving too and fro
Opening ceilings as well as doors
And re-knitting the entire flow
Oh, how my head ticks and tocks
To that soul-laced clock
As each memory is laced within itself
And urges itself into insanity filled dock.
While the harbor master screams
And demands obedience
They instead require somewhere to live
And somewhere to stay
With three eyes on either side of the head
And with a beautiful display of horns
They instead curl
:iconsaekhor:Saekhor 1 0
War Council
The Realmgate stuttered as arcane energies ripped into existence, eldritch storms choked the skies as screams and promises filled the winds of Shyish. The Land of the Dead shifted uneasily as the winds began to pick up their tempo, speeding through skeleton blocked chasms and zombie infested forests. No Messenger or Herald was needed to warn the God of the Dead of this coming.
"The Realmgate links to the Realm of Chaos," confirmed Arkhan, the Right Hand of Nagash, as the skeletal king simply sat. Nagash had expected multiple conflicts with the forces of Chaos since he had freed his people from the Cage of Bones. This was nothing new or surprising.
The Cabal of Kings, Necromancers and Vampires stared across, the gate reaching the right point to allow transporting armies to pass. Yet, Nagash merely sat in his throne, his cheek resting against his palm as the ghost-fires in his eyes flickered. The silence was broken soon enough.
"It is clearly Archaon playing his hand and attempting anoth
:iconsaekhor:Saekhor 3 4
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Judy Hopps :iconpersonalami:PersonalAmi 183 14
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So.. Been a While:
After a somewhat dazed existance into doing other things, I kinda return to the fold. So, first thing is first. 
How you all been? Good? Cool. 
It's been quite a while since my last Journal Entry, as in, well... Almost-two and-a-half years. Life has.. Progressed slightly. I'll describe faintly. 
Got a job in October 2013. It's not the best job but it pays. A few people disagree with the job (some friends I know, and some family) and have stated that it's killing me off emotionally, but I need the money. For those who don't know yet, I tell people to pay their Taxes in the UK. It can escalate, but I've met some good guys in the workforce, and made some new friends. So, life goes on, I suppose. It's been like that for the last couple of years. 
Events happened, and conclusions were met. 
In regards of my stuff, I've started feeling the urge to write up feelings again (and not all "emo" toss) which is a nice and sudden change. I'm also getting complime
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Some artwork, poetry, stories and pictures that I really enjoy.


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Soooo... I keep telling myself that I'm going to start being active here again but what am I kidding? Honestly; the only reason I really get on this site is if I'm looking for art for my roleplay blogs on tumblr, or checking the sweet messages I get from you guys. I wished I had the time to go through them all and respond to each and every one of them but I'd be literally sitting at the computer for days trying to get through them. 

While I miss this place (and the people--mostly the people) dearly, I don't think I could really manage trying to get into the swing of things here. Besides, I don't really have any contributions to the site as I don't draw and I certainly don't write. ( I do... but just roleplaying. I'd rather not post my drabbles and fanfics here either because potato.) 

However! I would really, really love to get caught up with ya'll and see how you're doing! So; I'll give you a few links of where you can get ahold of me. You can also note me for my Skype. I really like Skyping, okay? 

Anyway! Now for the links. 

You can note me here, but you have to have an account.

This is my main RP blog on tumblr. You can message me here on anon or not if you'd like.

And this is my personal blog.

Again, you can note me here and ask me for my Skype if you'd like; I'd gladly give it to you.

Thanks guys, you're all amazing. <3~


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